Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's here. Again. Snow. Yes, more snow. It was snowing hard as I came into work this morning and they're calling for another foot of snow today through tomorrow.


I think I've had enough. I keep telling myself, "four more weeks till Spring, four more weeks..." but it doesn't help much as you're walking down an icy street with cold, wet precipitation fallling on your neck. This is heavy, wet snow. The kind that snaps tree limbs and brings down power lines. And we're expecting heavy winds with it (I heard someone use the words "snow hurricane" yesterday) so getting around will once again be an adventure.

I think it's a good day to climb into bed and pull the covers over my head. There's a half finished pot of soup in the refrigerator for dinner. I carefully instructed Elanor on how to get it ready for dinner. We simmered a chicken carcas and leftover meat and now the bones have to be picked out and the broth strained and de-fatted. When I get home, I'll heat it up and throw in some vegetables and noodles and we'll have nice, hot soup and comforting grilled cheese sandwiches.

For today, I'm going to sit here at my desk and watch the snow fall and hope they'll let us go home early. And dream of this.

(Pk says "Thank you" for the birthday wishes!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

new and nervous

For some months now I have been threatening my family to write a blog about our life. Although we are generally a normal nuclear family, we are far from usual. There are five of us, me, Pete (husband) and our three girls, El, Em and Kate. We are a family where we all care for and about each other and what is happening in each other's lives.

Although Pete and the girls are all nominally Catholic, I am learning more and more about other ways of thinking. Currently, I am exploring Buddhism, hence the title. I am convinced that thoughts and words have immense power and what you spend time thinking about becomes more important in your life. So right now we should all focus on peace.

I also like to sew and knit and do other crafts. Right now I am learning the intricasies of socks. I have finished one pair and am almost finished another one. I like the detail and like every other knitter I know, have two other projects on needles just begging for attention, not to mention the table cloth I have been embroidering for 10 years.....

So I am not quite sure how this whole set up will work but it will be an adventure. My family assures and reminds me quite frequently that I am an analog person in a digital world but maybe I can prove them wrong.

Donna Lee